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…so it’s been more than a month here in “San Fran” and now, as the number of days left are getting struck out, the excitement is increasing. I was wondering, apart from the socio-political obligations (sometimes aka ‘expectations’), what would be the first thing I do when I reach? Maybe I’ll ask wifey to prepare tea. Although it sounds very mundane that a person would have tea once he’s back. I mean, what could be so special about it. But the gravity of the crave could only be realised by someone who’s been away from a good tea for that long. So, done! Tea it would be!

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Why is it that everyone becomes so quiet only when it’s your turn in the daily stand-ups. And there you were, thinking that this too shall pass since everyone is joking around, and no one’s actually listening. You try to chuckle and smile past it, in your opening statements, but suddenly everyone is serious, and seems really keen on knowing what you did.
Sometimes one just feel like confessing, "actually i just updated my Facebook profile…", but then the previous guy had just discussed something which seems similar to devising a next generation rocket propulsion.
Not that updating the Facebook profile requires much less a brain-work (you want to sound interesting, and smart, and honest, all at the same time (more so, if you’re unmarried) ), but one has to sound "productive" and "profitable" in the current situation. So then you unleash your imagination and apply a decorator to your, in layman’s language, "time-pass".
*Sigh*, how I love scrums!

The “V”

What’s with all the people doing a "V" when being clicked? I mean, what victory are they celebrating?…are they direct descendants of Changez Khan? Even if they are, c’mon, it’s been some time since he did something.
And if the rationale is that it’s a peace sign, then, what do they expect — their pictures will be seen by people in the war-trodden zones or what.
Lastly, to all the people who are (still) making a "V" on other people’s heads when a picture is being taken: please understand that it is not funny anymore. It’s a stone-age antic. Seriously. Please. Stop.

“Cracking Contraptions”

Last three evenings of mine were utilised (yes, not just spent) in doing something interesting, so I thought of sharing the experience. The outcome was not cent-percent what I had originally planned, but I would say I could achieve eighty percent of the task I had set out for.
I am so keen on sharing this, because after a long time I could get back to things which I loved to do as a kid (and beyond)….which somehow got lost in the oblivion, mostly because I’ve always had so varied interests that it’s difficult to pursue each of them.
Anyways, enough of groundwork, let’s get to the story.

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Ali Ashraf

He got his first computer in ’99. His enthusiasm to learn about it matched, and sometimes surpassed mine. He was more of a friend to me than anything else. I loved the way he expressed himself, so calm and composed, and the words he chose from the vast vocabulary of his, gelled into one-another and formed a synchrony. He was 85. Read more

Every rose…has its thorns

Rains always fascinate me. Maybe everyone. It’s been raining cats and dogs in this part of the world, just as everyone was about to give up any hopes from whatever remains of the so-called monsoons. Pleasant surprise I must say. And a lot of it! Maybe we don’t even need a meteorological department. All they do is confuse people. Adds to the surprise factor though. 🙂

I’ve not updated the journal in some time. But then again, shouldn’t attribute it to the lack of time. Had ample of it to spare. I guess, I wanted the things to be in order, before I’d jot something down.
Had an adventurous June involving many vital decisions — changed the job, changed the city. Finding a house in the new place was a daunting task on it’s own. Guess that’d qualify for a separate post altogether. Read more

IT boom: side-effects

Business-savvy people know very well how to tap an opportunity. The other day Sid told me about a paanwaala near an-IT-park who’s come-up with a paan known as IT paan — the specialty being that it doesn’t leave any reddish traces in or around your mouth. 🙂
With this improvisation, it could, of course, be had at any time of the day, without the chances of inviting weird glances from your colleagues. 😉