Came across a phone yesterday, from their latest (and hugely popular) Galaxy range. The (Android-based) UI was fascinating appealing. The capacitive touch screen was responsive. But that’s that. Seems that’s where their efforts (wannabe iPhone) cease.

You go to type a text message, and accidentally click on send….and whoosh…the message is sent! That’s the most stupid thing I have come across in a while. It’s worse than my very first Motorola, where if the phone rang while I was typing a message, the message went for a toss.

Anyway, coming back to Samsung — in their mindless rush to bring zillions of Galaxy devices to the market, did they ever sit back and think of usability? — because, apart from the looks, that’s what makes an iPhone an iPhone. I can bet it wouldn’t be more than two lines of code to put a validation to disallow sending of blank messages. But as long as their phones are selling like hot cakes…who cares…right?

2 thoughts on “This is why I hate Samsung devices

  1. Cannot agree more ! The Apple products are always compared in terms of the external design and aesthetics, however, these internal workflow and design aspects of the iOS are never discussed at length. In addition to the one pointed above, there are numerous such detailed OS finishes that make working with all of the Apple prod. a rich experience.

    1. yup. although i’m not a huge fan of their paid and bulky apps. but i do acknowledge the efforts they put in usability — both in the hardware and software aspects.

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