Ah! the cacophony they call ‘Coke Studio @ MTV‘ (India)! Now don’t get me wrong — I have utmost respect for the artists they invite — it’s the ‘too many cooks’ I have issues with. Somehow they end-up spoiling all the broths — no matter how promising the outcome looks initially.

I confess, however, my bars have been raised several notches, OK many more than several notches, because of what they churn out at Coke Studio (Pakistan), where Rohail Hyatt is doing an incredible job! Somehow, he knows exactly where to provide his inputs and where to just let the things be. Each of their composition is classic, unique and impeccable. I still regret getting to know about it much later — in their third season.

Anyway, back to our own (Indian) Coke Studio:

I do not understand what stops them from roping-in people like Amit Trivedi and Sneha Khanwalkar — people who have a proven track record of delivering the most amazing fusion compositions. Just let them ‘do their thing’ and see what wonders they do!

Also, please leave the likes of Leslie Lewis alone! They’ve done their part in jamming with Asha-ji. Not everyone can be a great music arranger. ‘Rahul and I’ was a great album of its time but there’s a hell of a difference between genres of ‘Rahul and I’ and Coke Studio. The latter requires a different mindset and talent altogether.

Anyway, now that we’re on my favourite topic, let me mention of a revelation I had had lately — I did not know Piyush Mishra, who is an awesome actor, is that amazing a singer as well! The song ‘Ik Bagal’ carves a niche for itself (much like the rest of the songs of ‘Gangs of Waseypur’). However this song stands-out because of the distinct and crisp voice as well as lyrics by Piyush Mishra. Kudos to him and to the rest of the gang involved in this song.

Here’s a video-less version:

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