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…so it’s been more than a month here in “San Fran” and now, as the number of days left are getting struck out, the excitement is increasing. I was wondering, apart from the socio-political obligations (sometimes aka ‘expectations’), what would be the first thing I do when I reach? Maybe I’ll ask wifey to prepare tea. Although it sounds very mundane that a person would have tea once he’s back. I mean, what could be so special about it. But the gravity of the crave could only be realised by someone who’s been away from a good tea for that long. So, done! Tea it would be!

Not that I’m not having tea here, but it lacks the punch of its Indian cousins — something which you get after you put the milk, and keep it boiling for long…..and then by several times playing the game of making it boil up to the brim and then quickly lower the flame. [one feels so “in control” — sort of like, “fooled ya! din’t I?!”]. Ah! the little joys of life. 🙂

So anyways, it was 4th of July today, and there were, of course, a number of events lined up at various places. The only one which did interest me was a series of live performances by local rock bands at Pier 39. I decided to go for it. But what I didn’t realize was that being a weekend, the Caltrain schedule was screwed. So I did reach there, but missed the first performance by half an hour. The other performance was due towards the night, so I decided to give it a skip.

Hung around for about an hour at the Pier, visited N*L official store and was almost about to pick a Raiders sweatshirt, when I noticed a ‘For Her’ on the tag. Damn! That was the only decent (non short-stint-in-Amreeka-at-company-expense) looking sweatshirt there.
So ended up returning quite bored, pissed, and tired.

Upon reaching San Mateo, and still struggling with the guilt of “long weekend pe kuchh nahi kiya”, decided to go for the fireworks show at Foster City. That happened to turn out nice — more so because that was the first time I realized that there are so many people staying around.

So that’s it.

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