It’s amusing how we associate certain things. For instance smells (fragrances), or, things like a particular song or music, with certain places, people or events, which may have been significant to us at some point of time. Actually, come to think of it, I’m not sure if it’s just me, or whether it happens with everyone. It happens with me a lot. I could attribute this to my strong sense of smell. (No, I’m pretty far from any association with the canine family, before anyone’s imagination starts flowing.)

I’ll quote a few such instances:
When I had completed my XII (somehow), I and dad went to Ooty with a cousin’s family. I remember carrying a Rexona Cool Blue deo (yeah, I know, it’s probably the crappiest deo one could ever get, but due to my monetary constraints that was the best deal at that time) with me. I had used it extensively, owing to my new-found charm (discovery) to smell, what i thought, ‘good’. I never used that deo again, but still, whenever I come across that smell, I can associate it with Ooty (yeah yeah…that-blurry-flashback, in which I have long side-locks and I’m running around in bell-bots and polka-dotted shirt). Oh, and BTW, didn’t like Ooty at all. 😛 So that smell, doesn’t bring about any fond memories as such.

Much fonder a memory is associated with a song. I remember I was in Bucharest for some time, I was alone, and lonely and bored. Anyway, I got up one fine day, and saw little cotton balls floating around everywhere. That’s when I first witnessed a snowfall. It was one of the best sights ever. The only issue was, I didn’t have any umbrella (geez, I don’t know why I hear “eh-eh-eh” in the back of my mind whenever I utter the word “umbrella”). But since I was on a support-project (‘onsite-assignment’ to everyone back home), I had to be in office.
As I mentioned, since I used to feel pretty lonely there, my only company was the little iPod that I had. It was my best buddy (no I didn’t call it ‘Mr. Apple’). So I plugged it in, and braved my way to through that snow. That was the first time I felt those-little-cotton balls, and wondered how they disappeared as soon as they fell on me. There was one song playing, ‘Expression of Love’ by Trilok Gurtu (from Dor). I don’t know why, I kept playing that song in a loop, maybe because I could associate it with the pleasant chill, the wonder of nature; till the time I walked up to office, being awed by the whiteness all around.

Today, I heard that song again, and hence this post.

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