M was telling me about a recent encounter he had with a potential matrimony spouse over a dinner. I don’t know why, maybe the way he narrated it..I laughed so much after a very long time. According to him, the dialogue went something like this:

Potential Spouse (PS): …ummm…yeah…now-a-days even average people are able to get into big companies…
M: excuse me…but I’m below average

PS: So what are your hobbies…?
M: [Thinking: Damn!, I could never answer this question properly in any interview]

Needless to say, “ye shaadi nahi ho sakti!.” 🙂

Watched Jodhaa-Akbar with

   today. On the whole, I liked it. Considering the fact that it’s a produce of Bollywood, I was impressed by the massiveness of the whole thing. I also loved the music.

   endured the entire movie, of which, I guess, he could only decipher bits and pieces, while I was totally engrossed in it.
Afterwards, found a number of people mocking at the dialogues, maybe because they didn’t understand the language. Hmmm.

In other news, came back to motherland last weekend. Now I want to stay here for some time. Enough of traveling. Phew! 😛

In view of the recent events in this part of the world, I guess, I better lie low — lest some ‘sons of soil’ come and beat the living daylights out of me. I qualify in more than one categories. 😀
On a serious note though, it’s pitiful: Is there an end to the number of categories you could further polarize the people?

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