In Singapore since sometime now…and nothing impressed me more at this place than a refreshing cup of tea. Yes, the good old tea — just like the one that I used to get at home (Aligarh.) It’s not like the overly sweetened and milky versions that we get in the Iranian restaurants (or Udipis) of Mumbai. Nor is it like the Cheeni Kum/Paani Zyada/something or the other kam or zyada that you get in Mumbai tapris. It’s just right!

You get this kind of tea almost everywhere. Our favourite hangouts happen to be places like ‘Toast Box’ or ‘Kaya Toast’ where people come for a quick breakfast/evening snack of a toasted bread — accompanied by various options of bread and jam or Kaya with half-boiled eggs. Accompanied with tea it becomes a zalim (no, no other word suits better, if you don’t know what zalim means, ask someone!) combination. 🙂

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