Instant justice…delivered by the people seems to be the latest fad. Or maybe it’s is just that it’d always existed, and thanks (or no thanks) to technology we’re able to witness it. But anyways, it seems to be catching-up…and how.
Seems, in the time to come, we might come across such advertisements:

Are you angry?….d’u want to channel out your grudges about something on someone?…are you discontented with life on the whole?…d’u have any personal problems?/financial?/marital disputes? Wait no more….join the ‘beat-the-sh*t’ club!

We provide intensive 2-weeks training on throwing chairs, pulling hair, kicking, and tearing clothes. Our methodology concentrates on imparting theoretical, as well as practical knowledge. Tune-in to CNN IBN/IndiaTV anytime of the day to watch some of our patrons on-the-job (*wink wink*.)

Sign-up for the premium membership and you stand to win a gift hamper with lots of goodies (like punching bags, foldable-chairs, aanddd…hold your breath, a DVD of the choicest of abuses from all over the country.)

So what are you waiting for….call now!! Call Jaggu our toll-free number 1-800-BEAT-THE-SH*T.

Specialised short-term courses on “how to befriend the local police” also available.

Although, it doesn’t look like people need much of a training. But maybe such clubs would help make things more organised.

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