I do not know how much did Saddam’s execution matter to the people of Iraq, or, for that matter, people around the world. Was it to set an example for ‘all the bad dictators out there’ :P?
Moreover, aren’t you relieving the person of all the pains in a snap? If you really wanted to punish him, you should’ve made him realise, and repent whatever he did during his regime.
Long back I’d read an article in some magazine. They were interviewing an Iraqi local. He said that, whatever it was, however cruel Saddam was..Hhe and his family could have their meals before going to sleep (during Saddam’s rule).
Things are much worse now. There’s no security of life, leave alone earning a livelihood. You go to a mosque for prayers, and there’s no guarantee you’ll return.
Anyways, coming back to the point of Saddam’s execution — I felt bad to hear about it. I don’t know whether I should have. But I did.
Everything seemed such a farce, and hasty.
And now we hope to strive for stability in Iraq. Who are we fooling? Rather, how long is Uncle Sam gonna fool us more?

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