Since long I’d been craving to get to watch ‘The Curse of the Were-Rabbit’*. Last Thursday, courtesy Felix, I could.
I’ve always been impressed with the quality of animation, the plot, and the miniscule details that Aardman put their efforts into. This one was no exception.
As with all Wallace and Gromit movies, this one had all the shades of a ‘masala’ flick :), with angles of love, hatred, suspense, and subtle humour (okay, it was upto suspense that I meant to use the term ‘masala’). Take my word and do watch it if you haven’t. We watched it over and over again (in the office ;)).
Okay, time for a rerun. Heeeeeee. đŸ˜€

Update: Not ‘Return of the Were-Rabbit’ as I’d written originally

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