Felt bad to hear about the demise of Ustad Bismillah Khan Sb.
Too insignificant I am to comment upon an artist like him, but I’d always respected, and liked him, since the time I actively started listening to his shehnai.
Some years ago, we’d gone to attend his concert as a part of Mood-I. I liked the way he talked because I could relate it to the way the elderly talk in our family. I found him to be a very simple and humane, as the host told us that Ustad had come all the way to Mumbai, on his request, inspite of his ill-health. Of course, once he started, he cleared all my doubts regarding why is he called a legend. Someone requested a “kajri” and he responded “pata bhi hai kajri hoti kya hai?” (d’u even know what a kajri is?) and all bursted into laughter. But the request was fulfilled. It was a wonderful experience.
Yesterday they were showing on TV that minor ruptures have already started occuring in Ustad’s family, with noone to continue his legacy. I was sorry to hear that.
The Ustad’s presence shall always be missed…but he would remain alive with his contributions to the Indian classical music.

One thought on “A legend departs…

  1. Very true indeed !
    Yesterday, fortunately I got to hear a program dedicated to the Ustad at arnd 10 on FM.
    A mesmerising 1 hour including ragas like Malkauns, Chait. T’ was wonderfulll !!

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