Another great weekend in Pune. Had fish after a long time, about six years, mainly because the fish preparations I come across in Mumbai are sea-water ones, which I don’t have.
Anyways, the place goes by the name of Top-in-Town (I know, name’s a put-off :P). It’s located off JM Road.Their signboard says that they specialise in Bengali cuisine. The preparations are amazing, and prices really low. We had a rohu preparation (in tomato curry), and a bhetki (plain curry).
Along with it, we had dried chicken, which was also really good. Almost all the dishes are in the price-range of Rs. 40-45, so it serves as a decent option to please your taste buds every day. Ambience….<buzzzzzz>, what’s that. šŸ™‚
Also visited Apache, a pub on FC Road. Kind of dingy place, but good music.

Back in Mumbai, the rain god seems to be working overtime. Hmmm, perfect atmosphere for dahi-handi it seems. šŸ™‚

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