Last Friday we went to Shangrila water park with colleagues. It was fun in the sense there were very few people besides ‘our’ people, partly because it was a working day, and partly because this part of the world has itself become a water-park now-a-days, thanks to some natural, and mostly man-made causes.
Anyways, we enjoyed every bit of this isolation. 🙂

Okay, see, people who know me, know how keen I am in getting involved in things related to water (a bath is an ordeal for me), that’s why I wasn’t that excited about the whole idea. But once we reached there, I tried not to be a spoil-sport, and take a plunge (literally).

There were several muti-coloured slides, so innocent looking, so cutely shaped. There was a green one, which seemed pretty straight forward. No twists and turns…just heading straight for the water. It allured me, and I decided to bestow my physical, and mental responsibilities upon it. Everything seemed fine the first few seconds, but the next few moments were the worst. I had been duped. The next part of the slide was much more steep than I had anticipated. For a few moments I was like those cars that they advertise…0-60Kmph in 5 seconds…something like that. Just that, it was less than 5 seconds. I hit the water at a pretty high velocity. Thankfully, the water was not deep.
When I came to my senses, I looked around to see how many people were mocking at me. I saw parcmella, scrutinizing which slide to go for next. He had already been on a twisted-and-turned one, and he wanted more. I followed him. 🙂

It’s a scary feeling when you’re not in control of your movements.

Over the course of the day, tried several other slides. With parcmella trying the scariest one, and I opting for the simplest looking one…and getting ditched again and again. 😛
Then we decided to go to the swimming pool. I, and Sujit stayed on the edge, while we saw Leela, parcmella, Arunav, and Arun swim, and compete. Later on Manash joined the clan. Leela tried to teach me swimming, but gave up after some time. I was hopeless. 😉
Leave alone swimming, I and Sujit, were deligthed with little bit of floating..holding the edge. That was swimming to us. 🙂

We wrapped up at about 6 and headed for home. Physically exhausted but mentally F5’d.

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