Okay, I’m quite hungry right now, so I’ll talk about food. Lots of options in Pune to get cheap and good food. I’ve been here for about a week and I think I must’ve gained a kg or two. Not sure, I’m scared to check :).

If you happen to stay the place called Deccan, do check out Chaitanya on Fergusan College (FC) road for some delicious parathas. The paratha is served with mint chutney, curd and homemade butter. One is enough for a person with normal apetite. And no side-dish required — there’s enough stuffing in the paratha to conviniently do away with the need for a side-dish. I think Chaitanya also have an outlet on Dhole Patil (DP) road, but I’m not sure.

‘Only Parathas’ (Khar and elsewhere, Mumbai) should take a crash course from these guys in making parathas! 😛 Agreed that it wont do wonders to their sales (they’ll be high as ever), but atleast they’d stand a bit upto their name, and deviate from their preparation of (what they call) parathas.

Anyways, back to Pune. There’s another place known for its parathas by the name of ‘Nandu’s’ on DP Road. That’s also pretty good. And if you do end up on the DP road, do not miss Kapila’s kathi kebabs. I’ve not yet tried, but I’ve come across certain rave reviews about it. It’s in top of my list of things to be tried.:)

There are numerous other places to have good food, what you can have every day. One that I’ve been to a couple of times happens to be on the Law College road, called Anand Dining. No speciality here per se, but you get good homely food. Do not expect an ambience (read: do not go here on your first date :D).
Anand offers only thali, with limitless food. You’ll get fresh baked rotis being served all the time. And the food tastes good.

Did I miss anything….ummm. Yup, just one more. IF you happen to like corn, go to the place called ‘Corn Club’ on the FC road. You’ll get everything from that good old bhutta to Corn Pizzas and what not :P. I just like Malaysian cup corn, so I can’t comment on how other items are. But I don’t think they can mess much with the bhutta, so that’s the safest bet, besides cup-corn, that is. 🙂

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