Observing my nieces, how they remain glued to the television, to ‘kids channels’, watching one programme after another, I was wondering how times have changed. As kids we used to cherish the shows that we got to watch once a week. bytemonk and I have discussed this so many times.

But now, kids are bombarded with programmes twentyfour-seven. I don’t say all of them are bad, or that they don’t have a message. But, I believe, they hinder in the development of other important characteristics of a child’s persona.

When my sis told me that they’ve packed their television, it sounded harsh to me. But, later on she told me how kids have started to respond better, and started playing indoor games like carrom, ludo, UNO and all, and go out to the parks in the evening. Moreover, now they want to go to Crossword every once in a while. I realised, maybe, it’s not that bad an idea.

One might tend to think, that it’s more to do with how one brings up the kids. That’s true to an extent. But with working parents, and their irregular timings, it’s tough to bring up the kids in an ideal way.

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One thought on “Tube woes

  1. Total Agreement

    I fully agree to what you say and I conciously think that today’s child needs more than a television… yes television provides entertainment and yes we cannot call it an idiot box anymore but the fact remains the same… how much percent of the information provided on the tube is useful or educative and how much are we willing to see it… forget the case of children… I see parents insisting on having a television at home for their own entertainment… I agree that the television is a great source of entertainment but can’t we find better ways to entertain ourselves… if not anything else sit down with family and friends and chat about everything or as the retired people best like to do: read the newspaper 🙂

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