AlKausar is an eatery on the road to Vasant Vihar. They’re famous for their Kakori Kebabs. Yes, Kakori is famous for other things too :). 

The kebabs were good, and I could relate them to Tunde Ke Kebab that you get in Lucknow…similar kind of mincing, and spices. But for the shape. Because these kebabs were being made on a seekh. Tunde’s are round and flat. And take my word, tunde’s and kulchas is one of the *best* things you could have at Lucknow. 

Anyways, at AlKausar, along with kebabs we had lachha parathas, which I didnt like much because I felt it’d been overdone (and too greasy :)) . Then we tried Varq parathas, which was no good either. And I expected it to be a bit more Varq-ish (Varq=Page). 
We also had Chicken Malai Tikka, which was pretty good. Malai because it was more tender than the usual. It’s a nice place to try if you happen to be in Delhi. Not far from IIT/Hauz Khas. It’s not cheap, but from Mumbai standards (read Bade Miyan/Delhi Durbar), it is. 

Hmmm…time to check out how kebabs are doing at Aligarh ;). It’s been long.

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    1. Re: Shapes, eh?!?

      read in between the words or superficially… when it comes to food only one sense of mine is awake… slurrrrrrrpppppppppp 😉

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