Happened to be on an Air India flight a few days ago. Was getting quite bored. Decided to check out whats on air, because, being an infrequent flier, I consider it my birthright to check each and every thing in the pocket in the front. And because I was the only one in the row, I didn’t avoid exercising this right to appear as a frequent flier ;).

Pretty interesting experience. Here is how it went:

[Plugged-in and put on the headphones]

Channel: 1, Volume: 3

Channel: 2, Volume: 3
    (only left channel): “ek dilruba hai ek dilruba hai…meri ulfat meri wafa hai…”
    [Okay, this was something I could map with what’s on the TV]

Channel: 2, Volume: 4,5,6,7
    (only left channel): “ooo..oo…mera dil jis dil pe fida hai…”

Channel: 2, Volume: 9
    (both channels):”EK DILRUBA HAI EK DILRUBA HAI”

Channel: 3, Volume: 3-9
    ”                        “

Channel: 4, Volume: 3

Channel: 5, Volume: 3

[Gave up and started struggling to sleep again. Now bored AND frustrated]

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