I rarely wear belts, never felt the need for it. And I find them bulky too.

Anyways, while coming today, on the bus, the conductor was standing right next to me almost throughout the journey. I had to dodge his hand (elbow) whenever he took the money and returned the tickets. It was right next to the entrance. Bad place to sit, I was thinking. I was nearing my destination, when I felt something drop on my tummy. I looked to up to find the anxious conductor looking at me. He had dropped a five rupee coin (don’t know why it’s called a “dollar”), while returning someone’s change.
Anyways, no one heard it drop on the floor. But everyone saw it fall on me. I checked everything, my shirt, my bag, the folds in my trousers, but couldn’t find the coin. I even did a gym-like exercise, holding the front bar, standing, and twisting, but all in vain. The thing had vanished! Eventually everyone gave up, and I got down.

On the walk upto the company premises, felt something on my back, inside my trouser. Guided it out through my shirt. It was the coin.
Hmmm, maybe I should start wearing a belt. 🙂 But for now, P. C. Sarkar…here I come!

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