This eleventh, we went for the Rabbi and Indian Ocean performance, as a part of Kala Ghoda festival, at Azad Maidan. Indian Ocean were at their usual good. I’ll talk about Rabbi. Rabbi started-off with the song Jugni, which I like more than any other song of his. In the song he talks about a girl (as he said) who visits places like Delhi, Kashmir, Punjab and Mumbai, and comes across the commotion – the riots, the deception – the general disorder that is ever-present in these places.

What I liked the most was he didn’t jump to singing right off. A good five to six minutes were dedicated to just music. This is something you get to witness rarely. The music started with some miscellaneous tones…and then slowly melted to Jugni’s score. After which, the vocals were rendered.

I like this type of “introductory” music (don’t know the technical term for it). Reminded me of certain Sufi Qawwaliis. There also, a good amount of time is spent on “setting the mood” before they really “bring it on”. This whole setting the mood concept binds the audience to the rhythm. Maybe, it doubles as a check for their instruments :).

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