The weekend trip to Lonavla was fun. From my prior
experience of hill-stations (Mussorie/Dalhousie/Ooty), I took along a pullover
and a jacket, and was secretly tee-hee-heeing over others who hadn’t brought
their woolens along; expecting a teeth-chattering day ahead.

When we reached, around noon, it was as hot as Mumbai, and
all my plans to mock at others went Poof!

I’ll skip the description of ‘where all we went’— the summary
is: all the “points”. Rather, those that could be covered within half-a-day.

Defying the insistence of one of our pals to go for Maganlal
chikki, we went for Purohit’s, who I realized
on my way back, may be “closely following Maganlal, at second position” :).
And might just overtake them, on the next turn. So mere lal…don’t be that magan.

I know, bad joke.

It did rain towards the evening…the time we were about to
move. It’s then that I realized, had it been raining throughout the day, it
would have been quite cold. My experience (read pullover) would have been of
use then.

5 thoughts on “Lonavla

  1. Well, Lucky Mr.Pugmarx got to see Mussourie and Dalhousie and Ooty. Me only fortunate to have been to Mussourie and yeah, also Lonavla. But my visit to Lonavla I remember, sometime during the same season some years ago was a good one. The journey commenced with a rainfall which accompanied us till we reached Bushy dam ! Its the first time I recall my teeths actually doing ‘cutcutcuttercut'(fond of Onomatopoeia :). However, this was no match to my Mussourie trip just last year …
    With due respects to Mr.Maganlal here’s another bad one from me
    “Khao Gagan raho Magan !”.

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