Standing at a public place, say a platform, waiting for a train, if you’re going through your crisp newspaper, rest assured, you’re doing your bit towards public service. More often than not, you’ll find a number of people benefit from your offering. The catchy the headline, the more public you’ll be serving…glancing…peeping from over your shoulder.

Some people may have the same newspaper, still, if they find you on a different (spicier) page, they’d turn to that, not immediately, (c’mon, they’re no kids) but with calculated timing, as if they never saw you. Some read the material in your hand so very seriously, that it makes you think “do I turn-over the page when I’m through, or should I seek his (their) permission first?”

You can cater to the youth (-at-heart) by reading an article on the reverse-side of a b(/h/m/l :P)ollywood bombshell’s picture.
Still, whatever article you read, always know this, you’ve got company! πŸ˜‰

3 thoughts on “You’ve got company

  1. And ..

    And if it is in a long distance train, you are assured that by the end of your reading session you will have the middle page in your hand and the rest dispersed across the bogie and no wonder even if they jump to a nearby bogie. Finally a shocking (not that) revelation strikes you: ‘Son, your newspaper is no more your newspaper’:)

    1. Re: And ..

      True! πŸ™‚
      I remember once, I’d got an RD while coming from Delhi. The next morning, saw a fresh hubby showing-off his crossword-solving abilities to his ardhangani on it.

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