Rock show was the last event at Wilson College’s Polaris’05. Impressive. Not that they had many big-shots performing, still, the bands that did, had the potential. Almost all of them had good drummers and guitarists. Can’t say the same about the vocalists, because they performed numbers which were beyond my understanding of metal/twisted metal/TISCO :P, whatever.
That’s why I concentrated on the guitarists, and drummers.

There was a lot of head-banging…on some cryptic numbers. Some said it was Led Zep being played; I’ve no idea…never been into that (listening Led Zep, that is). But if that’s what you call Led Zep, then I’m fine without it. 🙂

The closing act was by Vayu, who, undoubtedly, were the best of the lot. Ravi Iyer (lead guitars) was (in my view) the man of the day!…gave due respect, and precision to the notes while playing ‘Highway Star [Deep Purple]’ to ‘Alive [Pearl Jam]’ to ‘Come Together [The Beatles]’. Topis-off to him!

One thing I noticed, there weren’t as many classic rock fans. I mean, most of the aforementioned head-bangers (and their “mommy-ne-baal-katwa-diye” non-head-banging friends) were looking at each others’ faces when Vayu played Pearl Jam! That was a surprise. You could find more classic rock fans when JINX/Hysteria performed at Aligarh ;).

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