“2-Stroke gaadi raja gaadi houti hai” (2-Stroke vehicle is the King), the rickshaw-owner proclaimed as we snaked our way through the water puddles on the Hill Road. He was very interested in mocking at 4-Stroke auto-rickshaw owners, most of whom we saw fiddling with the rears of their vehicles, which broke-down in knee-deep water.

It was raining heavily, and I was in the company of Mr. Naushad (which I figured out from ‘NASHUAD’ sticker on the rear-view-mirror), for few minutes. He was more than happy with his vehicle, “4-Stroke gaadi ka engine ek baar khula, to paanch hazaar lagtey hain, par iss gaadi ka khula to…” (servicing cost for a 4-stroke vehicle is at least 5k, but for this one…) (a few seconds of silence followed, I don’t know why he presumed that I’d be having a good knowledge about 2-stroke engines, more specifically the ones used in Bajaj auto-rickshaws) “…jyada se jyada pandrah sau”(…at the most 1500).

A few taunts later, the gratified rickshaw-owner dropped a value-added me at Bandra station.
Downpours become more relishable with such encounters. 🙂

2 thoughts on “The good vehicle

  1. Well, sounded like a king, Mr.NASHUAD !
    As for the downpours they are becoming more relishable by the hour.
    While standing alongside a street, a thought that crosses my mind…
    “2/4-stroke rickshaw to khair mil bhi jaayegi, boat kahaa se laau” 🙂

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